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Wedding Photo Booth

Why our wedding photo booth is a better choice

Are you or someone close to you planning his or her wedding? You need to bear in mind that the event is just for a single day, but the photographs taken will keep bringing back memories. The photographs will last forever.


So, you need to make your event memorable. This is where we come in. At Mugshots Photobooths, we offer wedding photo booth rental. We’d like to let you know that it does not cost a fortune to rent our wedding photo booth. We offer reasonable prices. When you rent any of our wedding photo booths, you’ll enjoy the following benefits



Unlimited printing


The first reason to consider our wedding photo booth rental is unlimited printing. You and all your guests can take as many photographs as you want. It doesn’t change anything. You also get the digital copies too. The number of printouts doesn’t affect your price.


There are personalized photo strips


Whether it be a match to your wedding stationary or colour scheme or even just plain and simple the photo strip is customised to you and your event.


Availability of props


Photo booths are fun with props. So, we have props in all our photo booths. Using them will give your guests a better experience. You are able to order themed props if wanted or you can request no props if that’s what you would prefer.


They’ll be manned by one of our staff


If you don’t know how to use a photo booth, we’ve got you covered. There’ll be an experienced attendant that will man the photo booth. We believe this will add to the fun too.


To hire any of our photo booths, contact us anytime.