Event Photo Booths

Why party photo booths are more fun

Whenever people are planning an event, they have to make a decision to hire the event photo booth or not, we have given a few reasons as to why you should always say yes to a photo booth.


Party photo booths are cost-effective


Our party photo booths are priced on an hourly basis. Within the booked hours, you can take as many photographs as possible, and you can print as many photos as you want. This is from the time the booth turns on until the turns off. The delivery, set up and pack down of the photo booth happens outside of your booked hours.


They come with a certain pleasure


Photo booths create an experience. There’s a lot of fun attached to people posing for photo booths. In fact, you’ll see the fun in their poses and photos.


They come with a professional attendant


When you hire any of our photo booths, we’ll send a professional attendant that’ll support your guests and guide you on its usage. Our photo booth attendants are experienced and have a high level understanding of customer service.


The quality of the pictures produced by our photo booths is very high. We are sure you’ll love the pictures. Also, the prices of our packages are highly competitive. Nevertheless, you can still get better deals when you choose longer hours. For instance, we charge $499 for 2 hours, and that boils down to $249.5/hour. On the other hand, a 6-hour package will cost you $999. This amounts to $166.5/hour.


There are other packages between the two of them. We just used both ends of our plans to illustrate the advantage in longer hours. For more information, contact Mugshots Photobooths.