Our Booths

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The Party

This is an open free standing system and can have a large number of people in each shot (great for larger functions/corporate events).It becomes an excellent social point to get people up and involved and allows the use of lots of props, - great fun! This booth can go anywhere but does need a little more space (approximately 2.5m x 2.5m) at the venue for us to set it up.

Image of a classic photobooth from Mugshots Photobooths Canberra

The Classic

This is our most popular booth as people love the traditional ‘shots behind the curtain’ feel, as it allows people to relax, be themselves and go a little crazy, which creates creative and funny shots. This booth accommodates up to six people at one time.

The laughter created when people forget that everyone can hear them is amazing and makes the event memorable!

super booth

The Super

This booth can fit up to approximately 12 people however it is still has the behind the curtain feel. This booth cannot go upstairs.

Watching the legs of anyone in this booth makes anyone waiting for their turn laugh and ponder what could possibly be happening behind the curtain!